Dr Dre Accused Of Clout Chasing Over Nipsey Hussle Tribute Picture

23 May 2019, 14:43 | Updated: 23 May 2019, 14:46

Dr Dre Accused Of Clout Chasing Following Nipsey Hussle's Death
Dr Dre Accused Of Clout Chasing Following Nipsey Hussle's Death. Picture: Getty

Hip Hop icon Dr Dre has been accused of clout chasing after paying tribute to Nipsey Hussle following his tragic death.

After Nipsey Hussle was murdered outside his Marathon Clothing store earlier this year, a number of Hip Hop's biggest names spoke out in tribute to the rap star - Drake and The Game were just two notable names who showed love.

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But after Dr Dre was spotted posing with a painting of Nipsey Hussle in the studio recently, he's faced a huge backlash as fans have claimed he never supported Nip whilst he was alive.

In Nipsey's song 'Keys To The City', he includes a lyric about Dr Dre failing to acknowledge him as a rapper and spits “Hussle, hussle, Dre passed, Def Jam, Capital Atlantic too / Thought that I’ll be dead or doing life, ’cause what I rap is true / Just another you know who.”

But since Nipsey passwed away Dr Dre has been spotted paying tribute to him in a number of posts on social media, including an Instagram story he was featured in alongside Snoop Dogg and The Game.

Fans have been caling Dr Dre out on Twitter and even claimed the Dre is a clout chaser trying to use Nipsey's death for his own benefit.

In an interview from 2013 with Bootleg Kev, Nipsey spoke out about his feelings on Dr Dre and explained, "What I said about the Dre situation was just me being a real n***a. It wasn't like a direct shot. It was just like me speaking what was true to me at the moment.

He added, "We doing us and we gonna push regardless of co-signs, help, people coming down dropping ropes. I felt like if I'm sitting back in the game, and I'm watching Nipsey Hussle and I'm watching Dom Kennedy and I'm watching YG at that moment developing a situation."

"I just felt like 'what I would do?'. I wouldn't spend money, I wouldn't necessarily offer financial support, but I would do what I do to these young dudes that I see. I would acknowledge they grind because when it's impossible to miss and you don't acknowledge it, that becomes intentionally not acknowledging it."

So what do you make of all this? Should Dr Dre be allowed to show love to Nipsey Hussle how he wants or is he clout chasing?

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