Big Sean responds to 'IDFWU' backlash after Naya Rivera's death

2 September 2020, 11:29

Big Sean responds to 'IDFWU' backlash after Naya Rivera's death
Big Sean responds to 'IDFWU' backlash after Naya Rivera's death. Picture: Getty

Rapper Big Sean claims his 2015 hit single 'wasn't a diss' to Naya Rivera.

Big Sean has been feeling the loss of his ex Naya Rivera – who he was engaged to from 2013 to 2014 – since her tragic death.

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The 32-year-old rapper recently cleared up that his controversial song IDFWU ('I Don't F*** With You') 'wasn't a 'diss' to the former Glee actress.

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In a new interview with Vulture, Sean discussed the his hit single, which he released five months after his split from Rivera. The song was released two months after Naya married Ryan Dorsey. 

During the track, the rapper spits the lyrics 'I heard you got a new man, I see you takin' a pic / Then you post it up, thinkin' that it's makin' me sick,' seemingly referenceing Rivera moving on quickly.

Big Sean and Naya Rivera were engaged to from 2013 to 2014
Big Sean and Naya Rivera were engaged to from 2013 to 2014. Picture: Getty

The song continues 'She choose him, that's her decision...I got a new chick that I gotta thank God for,'. Sean revealed he was dating singer Ariana Grande a month after IDFWU was released.

Many fans are convinced the song was aimed at Rivera due to the lyrics and timing of the songs release. 

However, Sean has denies the song was about Rivera, claiming 'I truly made the song and played it for her,' the GOOD Music rapper said. 'She knew about it, and she liked it.'

However, when he was asked if he has any 'regrets' about making the song, he said 'That's a tough question to answer because I'm still processing a lot of that.'

Speaking on his break up with Rivera, Sean said 'We had a breakup that was very public, and we were young and we forgave each other and moved on from that.' 

Sean admitted that he is still grieving Rivera, after her body was found five days after an extensive search at Lake Piru, where she went missing.

'I don't feel comfortable talking about it because I want to respect her,' the I Know hitmaker said. 'She's made such an impact on people, and she's done so many great things in her life and her career that it was hurtful to even have that [song] be associated with her.'

Adding: 'If I would have known something this tragic would have happened, I would have never made the song.' 

Naya Rivea's fans have reacted to Sean's recent comments on the song and are not convinced that it was not directed at her.

Naya's fans pulled up quotes from her 2016 memoir book, Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up. 

In her memoir, Naya revealed that she had only seen Sean once after he announced their engagement was over to the public.

According to the late singer, she and Sean sat in her car and talked things out.

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She claimed that Sean played her the chorus of "IDFWU" and she asked him not to write any songs about her or to include anything about her in the track.

In the book, Naya said that Sean was surprised at her reaction and then promised her that he wouldn't.

One fan took to Twitter and wrote "he said IDFWU wasn’t a diss about naya and that she liked the song which is a lie. she told in her book that she begged him not to write the song about her and now he’s releasing these f**king lies to the press when she’s not here to defend herself #bigseanisoverparty"

See other fans reactions below.

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