Azealia Banks claims Nicki Minaj is "jealous" of Cardi B in vicious rant

26 May 2020, 13:43

Azealia Banks claims Nicki Minaj is jealous of Cardi B
Azealia Banks claims Nicki Minaj is jealous of Cardi B. Picture: Getty

Rapper Azealia Banks takes to Instagram story to take shots at Nicki Minaj. During her rant, Banks claims Nicki is jealous of Cardi B.

Azealia Banks has come for Nicki Minaj once again during her Instagram story rant where she compared the 'Queen' rapper to Cardi B.

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The 28 year-old rapper, threw shade at Nicki following the success of her recent #1 hit with her feature on Doja Cat's 'Say So'.

Azealia Banks slams Nicki Minaj again

While calling out both Nicki and Doja Cat, whom she called a "white b**ch", she claimed that Nicki's drama with Cardi B came down to jealousy. 

"Another thing that I find **cking funny, is Nicki... for all the f**king mouth you have for Cardi B for talking sh*t about black women, and now you quiet because you got your little number one with this white b**ch," Banks said.

Azealia continued "You a p*ssy ass b**ch. F*ck outta here. ... You shoulda got right on that Queen Radio and you put that b**ch in the ground where she belongs."

Referring to Doja Cat, Banks added "Put that b**ch down in the f**king South African emerald mine where the f**k that white b**ch belongs."

Azealia response came after Doja Cat's controversial chatroom videos, where the Rapstress allegedly made racist remarks.

Doja Cat has since spoken out about her remarks in a video.

The "212" rapper diverted the topic and began to compare Nicki to Cardi.

"Now I'm looking back at it, you were just jealous of Cardi... She's got more swag than you," she continued. "You made a whole radio show about how Cardi B is bad for black women."

While making it clear that she's not on Cardi's side, still referring to her as "trash", she still went at Nicki.

She continued "I'm just very disappointed in you... You selling out, keeping quiet."

Back in 2017, Azealia Banks apologised yo Nicki Minaj after throwing shade at her and trying to work with Nicki's ex Safaree.

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