Azealia Banks body-shames "boring" Nicki Minaj in scathing post

24 August 2022, 15:05

Azealia Banks slams Nicki Minaj again

This comes as Azealia Banks has revealed that she is making a reality show.

Azealia Banks is back on Instagram stories, as has thrown shade at fellow rapper Nicki Minaj.

Upon the announcement that Azealia Banks is filming her very own reality show, she slammed Nicki for slowing down the process.

"I was supposed to start filming a reality show last month," she began in her rant. "But apparently Nicki gave the network an ultimatum because she knows I'll have better ratings".

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The story which Banks shaded Nicki Minaj.
The story which Banks shaded Nicki Minaj. Picture: Instagram

She continued to call out Nicki, and said: "And now they all hate [Nicki] and think she's ghetto, terrible to work with, overweight and boring."

The '212' rapper also shared that she has "three more offers in the inbox" from potential production studios for the show.

Banks announced her reality show to fans via Instagram, but the shade thrown towards Nicki Minaj is hardly the start of their drama.

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Nicki and Azealia have had a long feud dating back over a decade - they went to the same High School in New York, and the drama started after Banks reportedly turned down an offer to tour with Minaj.

This led to years of callouts and shade thrown between the pair.

Azaelia in 2016 also body shamed Nicki in a series of social media posts, saying that Nicki needed to "slim down a bit" and "decrease her butt size."

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