T-Pain on Usher: Inside the bullying claims against the Burn singer

22 June 2021, 15:02 | Updated: 22 June 2021, 15:04

T-Pain said Usher told him he ‘f***** up’ music in trailer for This Is Pop on Netflix

Fans have urged Usher apologise to T-Pain following his harsh remarks and criticisms about the 'I'm Sprung' singer's artistry.

T-Pain made a shocking revelation about a harsh remark Usher had made about his music during Netflix's show 'This Is Pop'.

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Fans have slammed Usher for his previous comments on the affect T-Pain's use of auto tune has affected the music industry.

Here's what happened between T-Pain and Usher.

  1. What did Usher say to T-Pain?

    In the 'This Is Pop' episode, the 'Bartender' singer opened up about the painful experience he went through when Usher criticised his artistry.

    'Usher was my friend,' the I'm Sprung rapper began.

    'I really respect Usher. And he said, "I'm gonna tell you something, man. You kinda f***ed up music."'

    Usher has received backlash for his previous remarks towards T-Pain.
    Usher has received backlash for his previous remarks towards T-Pain. Picture: Getty

    T-Pain said he initially laughed off Usher's remark until the 'Climax' singer stressed that he was not joking.

    'And then he was like, '"Yeah man you really f***ed up music for real singers"' T-Pain continued.

    'I was like, "What did I do? I came out and I used Auto-Tune."'

    'He was like, "Yeah, you f***ed it up."'

    'I'm like, "But I used it, I didn't tell everybody else to start using it."'

    T-Pain reveals that Usher criticised his use of auto-tune.
    T-Pain reveals that Usher criticised his use of auto-tune. Picture: Getty

    'That is the very moment, and I don't even think I realised this for a long time, but that's the very moment that started a four-year depression for me.' T-Pain revealed.

  2. How long did T-Pain suffer with Depression?

    T-Pain revealed that he suffered with depression for four years after his encounter with Usher.

    The revelation came during an episode of Netflix's show 'This Is Pop'.

    The 35-year-old artist realised that Usher's comments was the catalyst for his lengthy depression.

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Netflix’s “This Is Pop” is an eight-part series exploring untold stories from some of the most notable moments in pop music history.

The series also features interviews with ABBA’S Benny Andersson, Shania Twain, Brandi Carlile, Chuck D, Babyface, Orville Peck, members of Boys II Men and the Backstreet Boys.

The series will be released in full June 22.

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