Snoop Dogg reacts to R. Kelly's girlfriends' fight footage with "hilarious” dog meme

10 January 2020, 12:52

Snoop Dogg reacts to Azriel Clary & Jocelyn Savage's IG Live fight
Snoop Dogg reacts to Azriel Clary & Jocelyn Savage's IG Live fight. Picture: Getty/Instagram

West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg has shared an "hilarious" meme spawned by R Kelly's girlfriends physical fight, which was streamed on IG Live.

Snoop Dogg has reacted too R. Kelly's girlfriends Azriel Clary, 22 and Jocelyn Savage, 23 physical fight which was streamed on Instagram Live on Wednesday (Jan 9).

R. Kelly's girlfriends Azriel Clary & Jocelyn Savage caught in physical fight on camera

The day after R. Kelly celebrated his birthday behind bars, his two former girlfriends broke out on a brawl at his Chicago tower apartment.

Azriel Clary stopped by Chicago after moving out of Kelly's Trump Tower apartment to go allegedly move things out of the apartment.

However, in the IG Live, Jocelyn became annoyed with Clary and called her "disrespectful" before Clary screamed that she would have her got to jail for sexually touching her as a minor.

On Thursday (Jan 9) Snoop Dogg took to Instagram to share a meme, reacting to the fight on IG Live. Snoop simply captioned the meme with the shrugging shoulders emoji. See meme below.

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One fan commented "This sh*t is hilarious 😩😂😂", while others flooded his comment section with laughing emoji's.

R. Kelly is still currently behind bars for several charges pertaining to his alleged sexual abuse crimes against minors.

The 53-year-old R&B singer is being tried in several different states, however is being held in a Chicago jail.

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