Watch Rita Ora Break Down In Tears As She Gets Punk’d

Rita Ora is the latest victim of Punk'd.

The new season of Punk’d is underway on BET and Rita Ora is the latest victim to be pranked, following up the likes of Chris Brown.

The ‘Body On Me’ singer was set up to believe that there was a crying baby locked inside of a parked car.

As seen in the episode's trailer above, Rita attempted to help by smashing the glass window of the car, until the owner showed up and informed her that it was actually a doll, and demanded she pay for the damage.

The full episode sees Rita break down in tears before it's revealed that the whole thing was a prank. 

However she later saw the funny side on Twitter, posting: “They got me good you guys…”

Rita Ora is expected to release her upcoming album this year, with her current single ‘Body On Me’ with Chris Brown out now.

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