Meek Mill slammed over album artwork for being 'disrespectful to Black women'

14 October 2021, 11:33 | Updated: 14 October 2021, 11:35

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The rapper has come under fire for 'degrading Black women' with his controversial new album artwork.

Meek Mill has received backlash after using his highly controversial "Expensive Pain" album artwork on public buses.

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The 34-year-old rapper caused a stir on social media, as fans were outraged by the depictions of Black women in his album artwork.

Meek Mill released his 'Expensive Pain' album on October 1st, 2021.
Meek Mill released his 'Expensive Pain' album on October 1st, 2021. Picture: Getty

The Expensive Pain album artwork is made up of figures of what appears to be naked Black women, including some bent over with their legs open.

Although the artwork has been out for a while, fans caught onto it once the rapper covered public buses with the imagery to help promote the record.

On Tuesday (Oct 12) Meek Mill shared an image of his album artwork on Instagram.

The rapper captioned the post " XPENSIVE PAIN HOTTEST ALBUM OUT RIGHT NOW 💎 ☺️No skips ... no misses... 172 flows.. new “ZAZA MEEK MELODY....gym motivation .. life lessons & therapy lol 🤌🏾 EXTENDO PACK TO #expensivepain THIS FRIDAY!"

He later shared images of himself posing with the artwork.

The post gained a significant amount of traction, with fans expressing their thoughts on depictions of Black women in Hip Hop culture.

Fans have argued that the artwork is"degrading" and "disrespectful" to Black women as it objectifies and sexualises their bodies.

One fan wrote: "Now I just got wind of this new Meek Mill album cover and chile whet? It's giving harmful and unnecessary imagery contributing to the continual degrading of Black women." Another wrote: "Meek mill album cover honestly wild ass hell and mad disrespectful".

A third Twitter user wrote: "idc meek mill is not it. When I first saw this album cover I immediately said no.

He could’ve choose anything. Idc what his meaning behind it is… it’s degrading, distasteful & flat out rude."

While some have criticised Meek for the artwork—created by a Black artist named Nina Chanel Abney—others have responded by claiming people are "fake woke".

One fan wrote: "Y’all didn’t have a problem w/ Meek Mill’s album cover until y’all saw it on his tour bus?" Another wrote: "It took yaw 11 days to be angry at Meek Mill's album cover.".

A third user wrote: "All this fake uproar over Meek Mill’s album cover and somehow y’all failed to realize a BLACK WOMAN created it".

See more fan reactions below.

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