Lil Pump slammed after calling out late rapper Juice WLRD in “disrespectful” song lyrics

29 April 2020, 17:28 | Updated: 29 April 2020, 17:40

Lil Pump slammed after name-dropping Juice WRLD in "disrespectful" song lyrics
Lil Pump slammed after name-dropping Juice WRLD in "disrespectful" song lyrics. Picture: Getty/Twitter

Rapper Lil Pump receives brutal backlash after revealing his "insensitive" Juice WRLD lyrics in his new song.

Lil Pump has recently received backlash after previewing a new song, where he name drops late rapper Juice WRLD in the lyrics.

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On Saturday (April 25) a video of the "Gucci Gang" rapper singing along to his new rock-inspired song surfaced. In the video, Pump is seen in his car, jamming to his own song, while teasing it to his fans.

Lil Pump name-drops late rapper Juice WRLD on his new song

In the clip where the 19-year-old rapper is previewing a new track, he raps a lyric that Juice WLRD's fans weren't too keen on.

"Mama told me, 'Don't go to school on a Percocet'/Like Juice Wrld, 70 pounds on the private jet/I was in a purple Wraith riding with two bricks of meth/Uh, I shot him in the arm but it hit his neck (Like)."

The lyrics makes reference to the incident which sadly lead to his death - the late Chicago rapper sadly passed away from an accidental drug overdose last December.

His death came after authorities discovered 70 pounds of marijuana in carry-on bags on the rapper's flight. The incident preceded the beloved rapper reportedly going into a seizure and eventually passing away the same day.

Many fans slammed Pump for his insensitive lyrics on Juice WRLD's death. One fan wrote "Nah this is soo disrespectful," on Twitter.

Another fan wrote "I can't stand no more. He disrespected Juice Wrld with those lyrics, washed ass n***a. No wonder Harvard Dropout was a f**kin flop, disappeared after Gucci Gang"

"I just saw lil pump story and bro, mans is about to get f**king hated on so hard for mentioning juice wrld like that" another fan chimed in.

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