Lori Harvey sparks Future pregnancy rumours after fans spot baby scan

6 April 2020, 16:01 | Updated: 13 January 2023, 14:21

Lori Harvey sparks Future pregnancy rumours with baby scan
Lori Harvey sparks Future pregnancy rumours with baby scan. Picture: Getty/Instagram

People were convinced Lori Harvey and rapper Future were having a secret baby after spotting the scan.

Lori Harvey has been dating Future for a while now and the 23-year-old sparked rumours she was having a baby with the 36-year-old rapper after fans spotted a baby scan in one of her Instagram videos.

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Future already has 6 children, whilst he previously denied fathering a seventh and eight child and people were convinced Lori Harvey was now pregnant.

In a video on her Instagram stories, Lori showed that she was watching T-Pain's battle against Lil Jon, but people managed to spot a baby sonogram on her shelf.

Rumours quickly spread shortly after the video was posted and people jumped onto Twitter to share their thoughts on the rumoured news.

One person wrote, 'No but fr how Lori Harvey let him trap her like that. I’m mad. She’s too elite to just be branded as his baby mama. Ion like that' whilst another added, 'Yo if Lori Harvey is actually preg i am taking a nap until further notice'.

But almost as quickly as the rumours had been sparked it appeared the were ended as people slowly realised that the baby sonogram is likely to belong to Lori's sister, Morgan Hawthorne, who is currently pregnant.

Morgan confirmed her pregnancy back in March and it appears that the TV stand in Morgan's pictures below matches the one in Lori's post.

Lori Harvey is yet to speak out on all the rumours but given the amount of internet detectives out there debunking everything, it seems like she doesn't even have to.

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