Nick Cannon's 'top five flows of all time' includes rival Eminem

28 October 2020, 17:38 | Updated: 30 October 2020, 16:33

Nick Cannon's 'top five flows of all time' Includes rival Eminem
Nick Cannon's 'top five flows of all time' Includes rival Eminem. Picture: Getty

Radio host Nick Cannon shocks fans after including Eminem and Migos in his top 5 flows of all time.

Nick Cannon has shocked his fans after revealing his top five rappers with the best flows of all time.

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The 40 year-old media personality kicked off his "World Famous Top 5" segment on his 'Nick Cannon Radio' show. The feature focusses on artists with the best flows of all time.

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Getting straight to the point, Cannon reveals what his main focus of the segment is. "When it comes to rapping, there's lyricists, there's storytellers, there's people who know how to get the party started," he prefaces.

"But who has the best flow in the game?" while letting fans know the list is down to personal choice, but is open for debate.

Last year, Eminem and Nick Cannon threw jabs at each other in their diss tracks
Last year, Eminem and Nick Cannon threw jabs at each other in their diss tracks. Picture: Getty

Cannon comes in strong with his fifth option, Bizzy Bone.

"Some say he started all this fast rapping melodic stuff," praises Cannon. "I know he would say it! Shouts out to Bizzy Bone."

At four, Cannon chooses a contemporary rap group, Migos.

Elaborating on how the group shifted the music scene, Cannon said: "I don't know if it goes to Takeoff, Quavo, or Offset, but they changed the game with it, you can't denounce it," he continues, before giving an honourable shout out to The Notorious B.I.G.

Cannon then chose E-40 for his third position, giving props to the Bay Area rapper's versatile flow. Getting to the nitty gritty, Cannon admittedly said "This one is so tough," continues Cannon, upon reaching the top two.

"The best to ever do it, we talked about Biggie's slow flow, but the first person with the slow flow from my side of the world, that I've seen do it -- and it was probably because he was high -- Mr. Snoop Doggy Dogg."

The radio host added "That flow is crazy, and it was sometimes all freestyle. Cats didn't know that." 

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Cannon shocked his fans when he gave the number one top spot to his rap rival Eminem.

"I gotta give it to him ya'll," says Cannon. "Ain't no hate in my heart. Marshall Mathers, ladies and gentlemen, Eminem."

"That dude can't be contested when it comes to his flow. His wordplay is crazy but even how he puts them together. Salute to you king!"

Despite the intense beef Cannon and Eminem have been through over the years, it seems as though the Wild 'N' Out host is simmering down.

Check out Nick Cannon's top 5 best flows of all time above. Let us know yours @CapitalXTRA

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