This Conspiracy Theory About Eminem & Machine Gun Kelly May Prove Their Beef Is Fake

19 September 2018, 10:45

Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly.
Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly. Picture: PA Images

Is it for real?

If you've been keeping up with the beef between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, you'll know that the rival rappers are still very much at loggerheads.

Eminem fired shots at the Cleveland native on 'Kamikaze' and Kelly fired back with the surprise diss track 'Rap Devil' - the tracks, it turns out, were produced by the same person.

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Shady's fiery diss track 'Killshot' followed, and fans have been speculating as to what Kelly's next move will be. Some, however, are thinking that the beef isn't all quite what it seems.

As many Twitter users have pointed out, both Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly are signed to Interscope, leading people to suggest that the 'beef' is a money-making ploy created to benefit the label, as well as promote both artists.

It's also been noted that MGK is releasing a new project on Friday (21st September), so the alleged pre-orchestrated feud could work in his favour in terms of promotion.

Both Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly are yet to addressed the theory.

Following Shady's 'Killshot' diss, MGK took to the stage during his support slot on Fall Out Boy's tour to mock the Detroit rapper by holding his middle finger to the camera, wearing a shirt with the 'Killshot' artwork on it.

At the time, footage of the concert was posted online and appeared to show the crowd booing when MGK mentioned Em's name.

However, fresh claims are now suggesting that Eminem fans edited the footage and inputted their own boos before ending them to media outlets. This is all speculation at the moment.

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