Eminem is the "Kobe Bryant of Hip Hop", according to Big Daddy Kane

17 February 2020, 10:36

Big Daddy Kane has labelled Slim Shady as the 'Kobe Bryant of Hip Hop' during a new interview.

Hip Hop and Basketball have been closely linked over the years and comparisons have regularly been made between players and rappers, but now Hip Hop royalty Big Daddy Kane has shared his thoughts.

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During a recent interview with Cherie's World, the 'Smooth Operator' rapper revealed his shock at the recent loss of basketball legend Kobe Bryant in a helicopter accident before comparing his status in the game to Eminem's status in rap.

Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash recently
Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash recently. Picture: Getty

Revealing how he felt when he found out the news about Kobe, Big Daddy Kane said, "When I saw what happened I was really in a state of shock like 'wow this is unreal', cos this was a young brother and one of the greats."

Addressing the death of Kobe's daughter Gianna in the same helicopter accident, Kane added, "An hour later to find about his daughter, I put up a 'Rest In Peace' post, logged off of Instagram, went and grabbed my seven year old and I just hugged him for about 10 minutes."

Kane was then quizzed on who he thought could be considered the Kobe Bryant of Hip Hop as he was asked, "You're Dr J, Hove is Jordan, who is Hip Hop's Kobe Bryant in your opinion?"

Big Daddy Kane has labelled Eminem as the Kobe Bryant of Hip Hop
Big Daddy Kane has labelled Eminem as the Kobe Bryant of Hip Hop. Picture: Getty

After taking some time to think about it, Big Daddy Kane said, "What's the generation after Jay? I don't know, would it be Eminem? Maybe Em."

The interview began by stating that Jay Z has always called himself the Michael Jordan of Hip Hop, with Big Daddy Kane then being compared to Julius 'Dr J' Erving, so do you agree that Eminem could be labelled as the Kobe Bryant of Hip Hop?

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