Fat Joe Admits Ignoring Eminem's Demo Is His "Biggest Mistake"

23 October 2019, 13:59

Fat Joe claims not listening to Eminem's demo is his biggest mistake
Fat Joe claims not listening to Eminem's demo is his biggest mistake. Picture: PA

According to Fat Joe, Eminem gave him his demo six times back in the day.

Eminem is one of the biggest names in rap music and considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers alive - but Fat Joe recently admitted he passed up the chance to sign him back in the nineties because he didn't listen to his demo.

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Speaking with US radio station WEDR 88.1FM Miami, Fat Joe claimed that a young Marshall Mathers desperately tried to get him to listen to his music and take him seriously, but he ignored the aspiring rapper.

Fat Joe said, "What happened was Eminem out here in Miami, he gave me his demo like six different times and everywhere I went there was this little white boy and he kept giving me his demo. He was like 'yo listen to my music, I am telling you, I am nice, I'm nice, I'm nice' and I never really - I didn't do it, and now he is the biggest guy in the universe."

After Fat Joe's Eminem story began to circulate on Twitter, the 'Lean Back' rapper tweeted that ignoring Em's demo was the 'Biggest mistake of my life'.

The story comes just weeks after Fat Joe spoke out in another interview about the real reasons behind his long-standing feud with Jay Z, but thankfully that's all sorted out now.

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