Eminem awkwardly reacts to Mike Tyson's controversial "slaved" comment during podcast

20 March 2020, 11:40

Mike Tyson claims Eminem "slaved" to get his music far in the Hip-Hop music industry
Mike Tyson claims Eminem "slaved" to get his music far in the Hip-Hop music industry. Picture: Getty

Detroit rapper Eminem responds to Mike Tyson's "slaved" comment which has sparked controversy online.

Eminem chopped it up with Mike Tyson on the latest episode of Hotboxin. Although the pair spoke on many topics, a shocking moment came when Tyson made an "outlandish" comment.

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Towards the end of the interview, Tyson praised the Em for all his success despite having a rough come up, claiming he "slaved" for his music to reach heights in the Hip-Hop music industry.

The Boxing legend and the Detroit rapper spoke about family life, their love for hip-hop, and Em's latest album Music to Be Murdered By.

However, the most viral moment when Tyson used a derogatory word to describe how Em experienced the struggles of being white in a predominant African-American music genre.

Eminem | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

Tyson said "Everything you got was, f**kin'—not even given to you," the former boxer said at the 45:55 mark. 

"You f**kin' slaved for it, you know what I mean? You're the only white guy that knows what it's like to be a n***a."

Eminem immediately chocked up and responded "Not sure how to answer that" with a nervous laugh. Em continued "But, uh, nah man. It's uh ... I mean, you know, we all got our story."

Tyson chimed in to further explain "You're one of the few white guys to know the pressure, like 'f*ck I aint sh*t- they treating me like a ni**a, f**k blacks get treated better than me'".

Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Em swiftly turned to conversation to his new video for "Godzilla" featuring the late rapper Juice WRLD. The video included cameos by Dr. Dre, Mr. Porter, and Tyson.

Directed by Cole Bennett, the video shows Tyson punching Em in the face, resulting in the rapper having to go hospital.

Em said "If you'd hit me, I'd probably die. Like, right now," Em told the former heavyweight champion during the podcast interview.

"I still feel like you can still get in there and f*ck people up."

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