Eminem addresses unexpected “Marshall Law” new album rumours on Twitter

17 March 2020, 10:42 | Updated: 17 March 2020, 10:59

Eminem has responded to rumours he's dropping a new album
Eminem has responded to rumours he's dropping a new album. Picture: Getty/Twitter

Detroit rapper Eminem has addressed rumours that he will be releasing a new album called "Marshall Law".

Eminem has addressed rumours that he is dropping another album, after just releasing his latest album Music To Be Murdered By in January.

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The Detroit rapper became trending on Twitter after fans suspected that Em was dropping new album titled Marshall Law. However, Em has taken to Twitter to clear it up so there's no more confusion.

On Monday (Mar 16) Em took to his Twitter account to squash any chatter that he’s releasing a new project.

The 47-year-old rapper wrote “Sorry guys... Marshall Law: not a thing,” he tweeted.Check out Eminem's tweet below.

Eminem’s response comes after Florida Senator Marco Rubio misspelled the word martial in a tweet about rumours that states would be implementing martial law.

Martial law is defined as "military government, involving the suspension of ordinary law," to deal with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the misspelt word made fans think a new Eminem album was coming soon. Marshall Law began to trend on Twitter after Em's fans anticipated a new album.

Eventually, Rubio had to address the confusion as the main point of the previous tweet was to raise awareness about the coronavirus pandemic.

"Please stop spreading stupid rumors about marshall law. COMPLETELY FALSE," he wrote on his Twitter account.

"We will continue to see closings & restrictions on hours of non-essential businesses in certain cities & states. But that is NOT marshall law."

The word confusion started to become a trending topic on Twitter when fans became convinced that the "Godzilla" rapper was planning to surprise his fans with a new project.

One Twitter user wrote "Saw 'Marshall Law' trending n thought Eminem had dropped ANOTHER surprise album".

Another fan tweeted "No, no. Marshall Law is real. It is just the title of the next Eminem album soon to be released".

However, Em has put the rumours to bed. See other tweets below.

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