Eminem angers Ariana Grande fans with shock "bomb" lyric about Manchester attack

17 January 2020, 10:36

Eminem new album: Ariana Grande "bomb" lyric upsets fans
Eminem new album: Ariana Grande "bomb" lyric upsets fans. Picture: Getty

Eminem made a reference on his new album to the Manchester concert where Ariana Grande fans were killed in a bombing.

Eminem is rapper who has courted controversy his entire career - whether he's performing on stage with a chainsaw or more recently dissing fellow rappers like Nick Cannon - Slim Shady is a master of splitting opinions.

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After releasing a surprise new album 'Music To Be Murdered By', Eminem has come in for criticism once more and this time it's because of a reference to the Manchester bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in one of his lyrics.

In the song 'Unaccomodating', which also features Young M.A, Eminem raps the lyrics, "But I'm contemplating yelling 'Bombs away' on the game / Like I'm outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting".

Eminem's rap is followed by an explosion sound and the reference to the bombing, which killed 22 people, has seen the rapper slammed on social media.

Commenting on the shock lyric, one Twitter user wrote 'eminem stans are really trying to defend his joke about a terrorist attack that killed 22 people and gave ariana PTSD...literally bye'

Another added, 'Tf wrong with #Eminem? I’ma have to disagree with him on this line because that was a traumatizing event for people who attended in 2017. Some people perished. Ariana was traumatized from the event. I know he says crazy things but, this outta line!'

But following criticism many people have claimed that the reference to the Manchester bombing in Eminem's lyrics isn't too dissimilar to a joke Ariana Grande's ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson made about the tragic incident which saw the popstar come to his defence.

Eminem is yet to respond to critics of his surprise Ariana Grande lyric and with fans divided over whether Em has stepped over the line with this one, it remains to be seen whether he'll address it or not.

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