Bow Wow roasted by fans after being spotted tip-toeing in photos

2 September 2020, 13:37

Bow Wow roasted by fans after being spotted tip-toeing in photos
Bow Wow roasted by fans after being spotted tip-toeing in photos. Picture: Getty

Fans on Twitter have been trolling Bow Wow for tip-toeing in his pictures in order to seem taller.

By Tiana Williams

Bow Wow has stayed out of controversy for a while now, but the internet still goes on. Somehow, the rapper has still found himself getting trolled by fans on social media.

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The 33 year-old multi-talented star was the topic of conversation on Twitter, after fans noticed an awkward, yet, common theme in his photos.

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Fans have called out the hip-hop legend for his infamous pose in photos, where he constantly is on his tip-toes.

The level of petty is on an all time high, as fans searched for photos of Bow Wow โ€“ย where he is on his tip toes โ€“ to create an illusion that he's taller than he is.

When fans came across photos with people like Ciara, Angela Simmons, and others, they could not help but make light of the fact Bow Wow tried to fool them.

In fact, entire galleries are being posted across social media to show how long Bow Wow has been consistent with his tip-toeing antics.

"Bow Wow think he slick," a fan wrote on Twitter, while sharing a thread of photos of him trying to amplify his height by getting on his tippy-toes.

Media personality DJ Akademiks, shared the photos on his Instagram, drawing more attention to the topic with his huge following.

Underneath Akademiks post, a fan wrote "He really got the most secretive tip toe I ever seen", while another wrote "

However, many fans defended the rapper, claiming this is an example of body shaming. Some fans argued that the expectation and pressure on men to be tall to be handsome is unfair.

One fan wrote "If anything, this just shows the stupid expectations society has on men", while another chimed in "But let it be a female, we would be wrong asf for pointing out her insecurities ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€".

See other fans reactions below.

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