When Kojo And Jade Asked Keith Lemon To Rap They Didn't Expect This To Happen


Who Knew Keith Lemon Could Rap Like This?

Watch what happened when Kojo and Jade asked Keith Lemon To Rap On Capital XTRA In The Morning.


Who knew the 'Celebrity Juice' presenter had this huge hidden talent?

Keith Lemon stopped by the studio to see Kojo and Jade, and as the conversation turned to today's rappers, he unexpectedly revealed that he's a big fan of Dr Dre (but not Eminem, apparently).

In light of the news, Kojo and Jade put the 'Celebrity Juice' presenter on the spot, asking if he could perform a quick rap for them.

Without even taking a second to think, Keith completely shocked everyone with an incredibly impressive off-the-cuff 30 second rap. 

Watch the full thing above. 

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