Sunday, 21 September 2014

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    The Residency The Residency

    On The Residency this week Afrojack goes in the mix for an hour. Get involved on Twitter @capitalxtra or go to

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    Hardwell Hardwell

    Hardwell goes into the mix for one hour, playing all the latest dance music first on Capital XTRA. Get involved on Twitter @CapitalXTRA or online at

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    Steve Clarke Steve Clarke

    Steve Clarke keeps the party going through the night from 3.00am-6.00am on Capital XTRA.

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    Reloaded With Marcus Bronzy Reloaded With Marcus Bronzy

    Marcus is waking you up with three hours of non-stop Reloaded anthems. Get involved @CapitalXTRA using the hashtag #Reloaded.

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    Reloaded With Jigs Reloaded With Jigs

    Jigs has your Sunday morning sorted with three hours of old school tunes. Get your shout outs @CapitalXTRA on Twitter using the hashtag #Reloaded.

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    E-Plus E-Plus

    E-Plus is serving up all the best urban dance music for your weekend on Capital XTRA right now. Get involved on Twitter @capitalxtra or go to

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    Jade Jade

    Jade's flying solo and keeping the weekend going on Capital XTRA with all the hottest urban dance music. Get involved on Twitter @capitalxtra or go to

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    The Norte Show The Norte Show

    The weekend's not over yet, Manny's got all the best urban tunes in the mix to get you pumped up for a new week.

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    Craig David's TS5 Does Reloaded Craig David's TS5 Does Reloaded

    Direct from Miami, Craig's on the decks with the hottest TS5 Reloaded tunes you need on a Sunday night. Get involved on Twitter @CapitalXTRA.

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    DJ Woody DJ Woody

    Woody's got all the urban dance tunes you love, mashed up in the mix for two hours on Capital XTRA

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