Thursday, 27 October 2016

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    Emma Conybeare Emma Conybeare

    Emma Conybeare's got you covered with the biggest Urban Dance tracks. Get involved on Twitter @CapitalXTRA.

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    Manny Norte Manny Norte

    Manny's playing you the biggest and best urban dance tunes first on Capital XTRA, with an hour of nothing but Reloaded tunes at 11am.

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    Toni Phillips Toni Phillips

    Keep Toni on through the afternoon for all the latest updates and what's hot in the music world.

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    Abrantee Abrantee

    Abrantee's got your journey home covered, plus there's 30 minutes of old school tunes in #Reloaded at 6pm. Get involved on Twitter @CapitalXTRA

  • 19:00

    Yinka Yinka

    Yinka's playing you the biggest new tracks you need in your life alongside all your favourites. Get involved @CapitalXTRA.

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    Jay London Jay London

    Jay London's lining up the biggest urban dance tunes on Capital XTRA. Get involved @CapitalXTRA and online at