Thursday, 30 October 2014

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    Ras Kwame Ras Kwame

    If you're up late, Ras is playing you the best UK and International tunes you'll love first.

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    Coco Coco

    Coco is keeping the tunes going through the night from 3.00am-6.00am on Capital XTRA.

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    Capital XTRA In The Morning With Kojo & Jade Capital XTRA In The Morning With Kojo & Jade

    Getting you out of bed and making you laugh first thing in the morning, Kojo & Jade are with you until 9.00am. Get involved on Twitter @capitalxtra.

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    Manny Norte Manny Norte

    Manny's playing you the biggest and best urban dance tunes first on Capital XTRA, plus he's got Reloaded coming up at 11am.

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    Reloaded Reloaded

    Manny's playing you one hour of the biggest old-school urban dance tunes on Capital XTRA. Get involved on Twitter @CapitalXtra using the hashtag #Reloaded

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    Toni Phillips Toni Phillips

    Keep Toni on through the afternoon for all the latest updates and what's hot in the music world.

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  • 20:00

    E-Plus E-Plus

    Tonight E-Plus will be bringing you all the action from the Red Bull Culture Clash with Manny Norte on site at Earls Court.

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  • Gust Of Wind Pharrell



  • T.I.N.A Fuse ODG , Angel



  • LK (It's The Way) DJ Markee feat. Stamina MC


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