R&B fans spark Usher & Trey Songz debate on who has better songs

31 March 2020, 12:30 | Updated: 31 March 2020, 12:41

Who has a better music catalogue? Usher or Trey Songz ?
Who has a better music catalogue? Usher or Trey Songz ? Picture: Getty

Fans on Twitter sparked a debate on who has a better music catalogue between Usher and Trey Songz. What's your stance?

During the quarantine period, multiple artists have been taking to Instagram Live to battle it out with their music. Similarly, we have seen the same with producers and DJ's comparing their beats and sets.

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However, fans of R&B have found their own outlet during this time and made up their own battles on Twitter. Fans began debating who's music catalogue is better between Usher and Trey Songz.

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While Usher’s Confessions album is said to be one of the best R&B albums of all-time, Trey has quite the catalogue himself with I Gotta Make It, Trey Day, Trigga and his Anticipation mixtapes.

The debate began when a fan on Twitter wrote “Shoot I wanna see Trey Songz vs Usher. I went down a list of their 10 most popular songs and SHEESH.”

Usher fans argued "u got it bad? superstar? u remind me? confessions pt. ii? yeah? bad girl? climax? caught up? you make me wanna? BYE".

Another fan chimed in writing "pick any 10 from Confessions and its a wrap lol".

Other fans believe that Usher is underrated and the debate should not even exist due to the singers credibility.

One fan wrote "Usher legit doesn't get the credit he deserves" on Twitter, which was the opinion of many others.

Trey Songz vs Usher
Trey Songz vs Usher. Picture: Getty

Trey Songz fans hit back claiming that Usher's Confessions album is the only thing his fans have to put forward in the argument.

One fan wrote "Yeah Usher better and blah blah blah but I’m 10/10 picking Trey’s catalog over his any day".

See fans reactions to the debate below.

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