You’ve Never Seen Anyone Look As Horrified As Trey Songz Does When He Get’s Punk'd



Trey Songz is the latest victim of Punk'd.

Trey Songz was the latest victim to get pranked by BET’s new series of Punk’d, following in the footsteps of Chris Brown and Rita Ora.

While appearing at a US radio station, Trey was introduced to a man that claimed to have lost his ability to walk after saving someone from a house fire. 

“I want to commend you for your strength,” Trey told the man. “You put your life on the line, but the blessing within will never be taken away”.

When they went off air, the Punk'd actor, whilst still undercover, then told Trey that he wasn't actually injured but was in fact faking his disability on the show to earn some money. 

Later, Trigga is put on the spot when the show's producer begins to catch on, and asks Trey if the guest is in fact disabled. 

Skip ahead to 2.58 to see Trey Songz get Punk'd.