Snoop Dogg fans panic after 'RIP Snoop' hashtag goes viral

28 November 2019, 12:25

Snoop Dogg fans were left confused after 'RIP Snoop' began trending on Twitter.
Snoop Dogg fans were left confused after 'RIP Snoop' began trending on Twitter. Picture: Getty

Fans of the West Coast rapper were left confused after a Twitter misunderstanding.

Snoop Dogg fans had the fright of their lives this week after a tweet from sports pundit Gary Lineker made them panic and think the rapper had died.

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The former footballer, 58, took to Twitter to pay tribute to his beloved dog, a Labrador named Snoop, who he revealed sadly passed away on Tuesday night. 

"Profoundly saddened to tell you that our beloved dog, Snoop, passed away last night. He was my friend, my companion, my boy. Whether I left the house for 2 weeks, 2 days or 2 minutes he would greet me with equal measure of enthusiasm and love. I’ll miss him greatly. RIP Snoop" he tweeted.

The Match Of The Day presenter's announcement was met with hoards of condolence messages from fans, with the hashtag 'RIP Snoop' soon trending on Twitter.

This, however, caused major confusion online as people began to think 'Gin And Juice' rapper Snoop Dogg, 48, had died, before discovering it was in fact Lineker's dog who had passed.

"ite RIP gary linekers dog and that but you can't have RIP Snoop trending like that ffs my heart actually dropped," wrote one relieved fan.

"All my edges were snatched when I saw RIP Snoop trending. Argh my heart. Twitter... DON’T DO THAT!" wrote another.

"bro you really had me with this RIP Snoop tweets i really thought snoop dogg died yaknow," said another.

Meanwhile, Snoop recently photoshopped himself on John Legend's body after the singer was hailed as People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Of The Year" for 2019.

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