Snoop Dogg labelled "disrespectful" after telling Ari Lennox to "grow her own hair"

2 April 2020, 11:09 | Updated: 2 April 2020, 11:11

Snoop Dogg has been criticised on Twitter for commented on Ari Lennox's hair.
Snoop Dogg has been criticised on Twitter for commented on Ari Lennox's hair. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Ari Lennox clapped back at the rapper herself after struggling with her lace front on Instagram.

Snoop Dogg is facing criticism online after telling soul singer Ari Lennox to "grow her own hair".

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Lennox, 29, was seen struggling with her lace front during a hilarious Instagram Live broadcast which was later shared across social media.

"So I guess I gotta cut more lace?" asked Lennox during the livestream before one fan suggested she get a wig cap, to which she responded "Where am I supposed - WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GET A WIG CAP?"

Snoop Dogg then decided to weigh in, commenting on one of the video shares "Grow your own hair what happened to those days," alongside a shrugging emoji.

The West Coast rapper received widespread backlash from many people who thought his views were sexist, disrespectful and uninformed.

"Ari Lennox literally wears her real hair 24/7. & The minute she wants to play around in a wig here comes Snoop Dogg’s crusty Cryptkeeper a** talking about “grow your own hair," wrote one. "Like, she doesn’t have a head full of hair on her head. Who even asked his crusty a**???"

Ari responded to Snoop's commentary herself, posting a picture of the rapper wearing a blonde wig with the caption "Uncle I just…I just thought we had an understanding…"

The 'Shea Butter Baby' singer apologised earlier this year after facing backlash for speaking in defence of Snoop Dogg's comments about Gayle King.

"F**k Gayle and f**k Oprah. Y’all are some self-hating pieces of sh*t f**k a**es," she said after Snoop slammed the pair after King’s interview about Kobe Bryant.

In her apology, Lennox said, "I am sorry. I was acting like an a**. Im sorry for being insensitive, I impulsively spiralled cause I was sick of seeing the distasteful shade especially at such a terrible and sad time towards someone I know is good person. With that said I wasn’t trying to discredit other people and their truths and opinions."

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