Snoop Dogg shares throwback photo of Tupac as a teenager in nostalgic post

13 March 2020, 16:16

Snoop Dogg posted an old photo of his old friend Tupac.
Snoop Dogg posted an old photo of his old friend Tupac. Picture: Getty

The 48-year-old rapper posted a photo of his old friend before his rise to fame.

Snoop Dogg was hit with a wave of nostalgia this week, it seems, as he posted an old school photo of Tupac.

Snoop Dogg recalls the biggest lesson he learned from Tupac in resurfaced clip

The 48-year-old rapper shared a snap of the iconic West Coast rapper before hitting the height of his fame, looking youthful and sitting atop a car bonnet wearing an open shirt, holding a boombox.

"Young pac," Snoop captioned the photo of teen Pac, and fans soon flooded the comments section with adoring comments for the late 'California Love' rapper.

"Young pac," Snoop captioned the old photo of Tupac.
"Young pac," Snoop captioned the old photo of Tupac. Picture: Instagram

"At 25 years of age done more for hip hop and the black community than most," said one. "Young King! Greatest Of All Time," echoed another.

Pac and Snoop shared a tight bond growing up in the industry together, sharing monumental and life changing moments together during their come-up.

Earlier this week, Snoop told another inspiring story on the biggest lesson he learnt from Tupac while he was still alive.

"What I learned from 2Pac was a different sort of work ethic," explained Snoop during an interview. "I always had a good work ethic about myself as far as being timely and on point and being a professional. But he showed me how to be a little more faster with it."

Snoop continued "As far as getting to the meat of it all and not really just listening to it all the time or not absorbing it, but just doing it. Just keep doing it and doing it."

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