Rick Ross Finally Reveals What Really Caused His Worrying Seizures

2 September 2019, 17:36

Rick Ross has opened up about the real reason behind his seizures
Rick Ross has opened up about the real reason behind his seizures. Picture: Getty

Rapper Rick Ross has revealed the real reason behind his multiple seizures that took place in 2018. In a new interview, the rapper admits to taking drugs which affected his health.

Rick Ross has finally revealed the true reason behind his multiple seizures which left him hospitalised in 2018.

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On Friday (Aug 30), People published an interview where Ross opens up about several choices he made which weren't good for his health.

During the interview, the “Stay Schemin" rapper revealed what caused the multiple seizures he experienced in 2018.

The 43 year-old rapper admitted "It was the codeine,” adding that he consumed large amounts of the prescription cough syrup to cope with the stress.

“That mixed with the things I was drinking, the other drugs I was doing, and on top of not resting. [I don’t think] one particular thing would have killed me. But everything combined?”

Ross went on to explain that he wouldn’t follow the doctor’s orders to take proper medication for his seizures, which exacerbated his health problems.

“I went I don’t know how long without taking the medication to prove to myself I’m stronger than these other people this shit was diagnosed for,” he told People.

In the end, Rozay said, “I ended up back in the hospital in a worse condition.”

The MC also clarified that he didn't suffer a heart attack and he was never placed on an ECMO machine, which is used to support the function of his heart and lungs.Healthy and looking very stealth, Ross is no longer using codeine and is on a strict diet that includes eating his vegetables and getting plenty of rest.

“I think it’s a triumph,” he said of his new lease on life. “Everybody don’t admit rising from failure.”

Rick Ross tells all in his new memoir ,Hurricanes, which hits bookstores on Tuesday (Sept. 3). In his autobiography, the Miami rapper gets candid about his past health scares including the abuse of codeine that led to his seizures.

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