Nick Cannon Addresses R. Kelly's "Inhumane" Behaviour Following Sexual Abuse Allegations

2 April 2019, 15:37

Nick Cannon Addresses R. Kelly&squot;s "Inhumane" Behaviour Following Sexual Abuse Allegations
Nick Cannon Addresses R. Kelly's "Inhumane" Behaviour Following Sexual Abuse Allegations. Picture: Getty

Nick Cannon reveals his views of R. Kelly following the release of Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly documentary...

Nick Cannon doesn't hold back from telling it how it is. His show 'Wild N' Out' features the most deep disses and keeps it all the way real. Similarly, in Nick Cannon's personal life, he is a straight up character. In a recent interview with VladTV he doesn't hold back and reveals how he feels about R. Kelly since the Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly.

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In 2003 Cannon released his single "Gigolo," a collaboration with R. Kelly, even peaked at No. 9 on Billboard's Hot Rap Tracks Chart.

Nick Cannon Regrets Working with R Kelly After Seeing 'Surviving R Kelly' (Part 5)

Cannon revealed the set up of Kelly's studio with number of different recording areas in one building.

He claims that Kelly left him in one of the studios for 12 hours and finally, after being frustrated with sitting around, he wrote and recorded his verses for "Gigolo" and left.

The 38 year-old rapper revealed he didn't see young girls in R. Kelly's studio:

"When you go to his studio, you don’t see anybody else," Cannon says.

Connon continues: "If I would have seen some little girls in the studio, I would have been like, 'I’m out.'"

Although Cannon never saw any women there himself, he believes that not only Kelly is to blame for letting this situation happen. As he said, if he saw girls in the studio he would have done something about it, however, other people did, and allowed it to happen.

Nick Cannon revealed:

"As fans, as the public, as the people close around him, we got to take responsibility for letting this man that was super talented operate in a way that was just inhumane".

The Wild N' Out host continued on to talk about the Surviving R. Kelly Documentary when they revealed that R. Kelly urinated on a 14 year-old, who turned out to be singer Sparkles niece.

Nick cannon said "Even in the documentary, the stuff that they show from the tape, like him standing over a 14-year-old girl and urinating on her...Dave Chappelle was making jokes about that. As a father with a daughter now, there’s nothing funny about a grown man urinating on a little girl".

Nick Cannon - Gigolo ft. R. Kelly

Although Nick Cannon is known for making light of situations and joking about, this is one of the situation that he cannot make jokes out of. Cannon comments on Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary's interview with Gayle King.

The "Feeling' Freaky" rapper commented: "the girls in the Gayle King interview, they’re 21 and have been with him for however long, you can tell by the way they carried themselves, they were trying to be mature," Cannon says. "But I was like, ‘These are little girls.’ They reminded me of little girls trying to act grown."

During the interview, Nick Cannon makes it clear that many people had part to play in letting the situation play out like how it did.

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