Post Malone responds to drug abuse claims after bizarre stage behaviour concerns fans

9 March 2020, 10:37

Post Malone has denied using drugs after his recent performances concerned fans.
Post Malone has denied using drugs after his recent performances concerned fans. Picture: Getty/TikTok

The singer raised concerns among fans after he was seen stumbling around on stage.

Post Malone has spoken out after footage of him stumbling around on stage left fans worried about his health.

The 24-year-old singer raised concerns after videos of him displaying "weird" behaviour, rolling his eyes, tripping over himself and stumbling during his recent performances surfaced online.

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Post, real name Austin Richard Post, denied abusing drugs during a show on his ongoing Runaway tour in Memphis on Friday night (6 Mar) and urged any fans concerned about his health not to worry.

"I'm not on drugs! I feel the best I've ever f**king felt in my life," he said. "And that's why I can bust my a** for these shows and f**king fall on the floor and do all that fun s**t. But for anyone that's concerned here, I appreciate the love and the support, but I feel f**king fantastic and I'm not doing drugs."

After the videos of Posty's odd stage antics circulated last week, fans urged the singer to seek help and discussed between themselves what they thought was going on.

"post malone has been acting strange and inebriated at his shows. ppl are fearing that this behavior is from drugs and alcohol. even if you don’t like post malone pls don’t cheer this on," wrote one.

"He is not ok and needs help asap. Idk if he's on drugs or drunk but we can't lose another artist," echoed another, while one user added, "i’m genuinely concerned for post malone and his well-being right now."

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