WATCH: Krept And Cadet Send Hilarious Disses At Each Other On Instagram

12 December 2018, 14:39

After Cadet posted a freestyle dissing Krept, the 'Wo Wo Wo' rapper hit back with a hard-hitting response of his own.

Krept and Konan are known for being rappers who absolutely nail their punchlines every single time, but then so is Cadet - so when Krept and Cadet went bar for bar on Instagram we knew it was set to be something special.

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Thankfully we weren't left disappointed and when both Krept and Cadet sprayed their bars for each other, it was stright fire.

Kicking things off, Cadet posted an Instagram freestyle video (above) which included a diss aimed at Krept and captioned it, 'Cadet Vs Mr Buff Insta Freestyle. I Had Such A Sick Year This Year Had To End It On Something Fun & Take A Lil Jab At Ma Cuzzy'.

Firing insults at Krept like "he looks like the worm in Men In Black" and "Krept's out here making fun of your hair, but his hair's grown 2 inches in 10 years", Cadet didn't hold back, so Krept had no choice but to respond.

Captioning his video 'Now leave me alone @callmecadet *Drops mic*' Krept's response maintained the high levels that Cadet had set and over the instrumental from Cadet & Deno's hit song 'Advice', he fired some serious bars.

Krept and Cadet sent disses at each other on Instagram
Krept and Cadet sent disses at each other on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

As you can hear in the video above, Krept hit Cadet with lines like "you're not buff, you're buffering" and "I ain't saying no names, but certain man said your hairline got you looking like Old Bane" in a hilariously brutal onslaught.

The whole thing was tongue-in-cheek, but it showcased just how talented both Krept and Cadet are in terms of their brilliant wordplay. Cadet hasn't yet revealed whether he'll respond to Krept's diss, but we can't wait to see what he says if he does.

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