Jhené Aiko opens up about dealing with insecurities: "I just never liked my face”

24 March 2020, 17:51

Jhené Aiko opens up about her insecurities when she was growing up
Jhené Aiko opens up about her insecurities when she was growing up. Picture: Getty

Singer Jhené Aiko has detailed her experiences growing up with insecurities in a new interview with Ebro Darden.

Jhené Aiko has bared all and revealed her insecurities growing up in a recent interview. The 32-year-old singer talked through her battles with mental health, to growing to love herself.

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In a new interview with Ebro Darden, Aiko unveiled truths about her younger self and the deep insecurities she faced.

During the promo run for her new album Chilombo, she revealed the ways in which she expressed herself in her music that she had never explored before.

However, Aiko opened up like she never has before also, talking about her battle with low self-esteem and body dysmorphia.

Jhené "Growing up, I was always self-conscious and dealt with a lot of self-esteem issues," the singer admitted

"I don't know, I just never liked my face. That was one of the things I dealt with when I was younger. I couldn't look at pictures of myself." at the 2:47 minute mark.

Reflecting on her previous insecurities, Jhené continued "I hated video shoots, photoshoots, all those things."

"I almost thought that I had that thing, what is it, body [dysmorphia] disorder where you just like see yourself very distorted when you look at yourself."

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However, the singer reassured "Basically, I'm just not in that place anymore." Ebro then told Jhene she is often seen as "one of the most beautiful artists out there".

Jhene then joked "It's the make-up, no just kidding" while laughing. "See me in the morning haha, change your mind".

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