J. Cole new album 'The Off-Season' 2021: release date, songs, tracklist, features & more

5 May 2021, 08:30 | Updated: 6 May 2021, 12:51

J. Cole is set to drop his new album in 2020.
J. Cole is set to drop his new album in 2020. Picture: Getty

The Dreamville rapper is set to make a big return the follow-up to 2018's 'KOD'.

J. Cole is dropping his hotly-anticipated new album The Off-Season on 14th May, 2021.

The record will serve as the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed 2018 album 'KOD', which boasted hits including singles 'KOD' and 'ATM' and fan favourites 'Kevin's Heart' and '1985 (Intro to The Fall Off)'.

The latter was the final track on the album and hinted at the rapper's next release. Here's everything we know so far.

  1. What is the name of the album?

    At the beginning of May, J. Cole announced the name of his new album, The Off-Season.

    In April 2021, J. Cole manager teased the name of the album alongside a photo of the rapper in the studio.

    "[Mind blown emojis] The Off-Season. pack your bags. [rocket emoji] in two weeks," Bas wrote in the caption of the image.

    At the beginning of May, J. Cole announced the name of his new album, The Off-Season.
    At the beginning of May, J. Cole announced the name of his new album, The Off-Season. Picture: Instagram/@realcoleworld

    The initial name for the album was thought to have been 'The Fall Off'.

    During his headline performance at Day N Vegas music festival in November last year, Cole teased the title of his upcoming album.

    A fake political campaign advert played on screen, which included clips of the rapper thought the years, with narration over the top saying:

    "A man whose humility knows no bounds. A man whose pen is so potent, each word of his verses reportedly cost $2,000. We need someone with big ideas and bold solutions. An expert in diplomacy. A candidate that can heal the inter-generational war."

    The ad closed with what appeared to be the campaign slogan - and the name of the album - "Vote The Fall Off for 2020."

  2. When will the album drop?

    J. Cole has announced that The Off-Season will drop on May 14th, 2021.

    As previously mentioned, J. Cole teased that his upcoming album is expected to drop in 2020 as per the slogan "Vote The Fall Off for 2020."

    No singles have been released as of yet, so it's unclear which month of the year Cole's is planning on releasing his new music.

    Bas has appeared to confirm that Cole's album will be dropping in mid-May.

    Back in December, rumours around J. Cole's album began to swirl after Apple Music's Radio 1 show host, Zane Lowe, made an announcement during his show.

    The host said that he had inside information that something very big was coming tonight. He added that that "something big" would make friends happy.

    Many fans suspected it was J.Cole dropping his new album, as it's the sixth anniversary to his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album.

    Zane Lowe addresses J.Cole album rumours
    Zane Lowe addresses J.Cole album rumours. Picture: Twitter

    However, Lowe quickly dispelled the rumours in one tweet. He wrote "I said, we can’t tell you who is releasing, so why not assume it’s your favourite artist."

    "It was a joke with the team. No mention of anyone specific. And I will say, I am not referring to [J. Cole]."

  3. What songs are on there?

    No word yet on which songs will be included on the album.

    The final track of 2018's 'KOD' was titled "1985 (Intro to 'The Fall Off')", so can we expect a follow-up or an extension of this?

  4. Who features on the album?

    Cole is yet to announce who's featured on 'The Fall Off'.

    Timbaland sparked speculation that he's produced at least one track on the album. after Cole announced the album's upcoming release, he shared a message on Instagram alongside the album's artwork.

    "I told y’all the king has returned !!!!!" he wrote, "@realcoleworld @beatclub watch me work!!!!"

    Back in January, the producer previewed the instrumental to an unreleased track and tagged the Dreamville rapper in the caption, hinting at a potential collaboration.

    A tracklist is yet to be confirmed, but if his 'platinum with no features' streak is anything to go by, he might ignore the whole features side of things altogether.

    He could enlist his some of his Dreamville Records roster of artists - Bas, Ari Lennox, J.I.D. are all possibilities - but we'll have to wait and see.

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