Frank Ocean Still Hasn’t Dropped His Album And Twitter Is Seriously Distressed

29 July 2015, 10:24 | Updated: 3 June 2016, 11:07

Frank Ocean

July's almost over, Frank.

When Frank Ocean announced a new album release through his personal Tumblr account in April, the Internet exploded with excitement. 

Ocean shared a photo of himself with the hashtags '#Album3,' '#July2015' and '#BoysDon'tCry.' So as you'd expect, we've all been waiting ofr his third album, 'Boys Don't Cry' to drop in July. 

But as he hasn’t released any singles yet, the reported July release date seems less and less likely.

As a result, Twitter is completely freaking out about when we can expect (or if we can ever expect) Frank Ocean's album to finally drop.  

Some fans are starting to lose faith

While others are losing patience

Twitter can see the funny side, although deep down we can tell it hurts

People even think Frank Ocean is secretly behind the Meek Mill and Drake beef

Or that we completely misunderstood his message the whole time

And there are those that are still desperately living in hope

This woman is so distressed; she is doing an angry dance. Look what you caused Frank!