Eminem Savagely Disses Lord Jamar On Stage During His Live Show

28 October 2019, 12:36 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 14:12

Eminem takes shots at Lord Jamar on stage
Eminem takes shots at Lord Jamar on stage. Picture: Getty

Detroit legend Eminem has taken shots at Lord Jamar during his performance in Abu Dhabi.

Eminem has continued his beef with Lord Jamar on stage, during his concert. In a recent video that emerged online shows Em dissing the former Brand Nubian rapper.

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The 47 year-old rapper took shots at Jamar during his concert in Abu Dhabi.

During his concert on Friday (Oct. 25) Eminem swiftly stopped his performance to address Lord Jamar, who's dissed the Detroit rapper repeatedly over the last few years.

While on stage, Em said "I had a dream that I was a f**king nobody who sucked at rap," Em begins. He continued "And then I woke up, and you know who I was Mr. Porter? Lord Jamar."

Eminem and Lord Jamar's beef began back in with 2014, when Jamar did an interview with DJ Vlad. In the interview, Jamar said that he didn't like Eminem's music because he couldn't relate to it.

The "Stan" rapper previously dissed Lord Jamar on "Fall" from his 2018 Kamikaze album.

On the track, Em spits "And far as Lord Jamar, you better leave me the hell alone/Or I'll show you an Elvis clone/Walk up in this house you own, thrust my pelvic bone/Use your telephone and go fetch me the remote"

"Put my feet up and just make myself at home/I belong here, clown, don't tell me 'bout the culture," he says on the track.

When Jamar heard the diss track, he spoke out about it during an 2018 interview. Jamar said "If he didn't respond, I win, and if he responds, I win,".

He continued "Either way, I win, okay? Because you are now doing what the f**k I wanted you to do. I have made you modify your behavior. I got into your psyche."

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