Brandy Sung Her Heart Out On A Train In New York And Everyone Ignored Her

15 July 2015, 15:09 | Updated: 23 March 2017, 12:35

#aMomentinNY: Riding the subway & singing my heart out!


Literally no one cared.

Brandy took it upon herself to do a small experiment this week. The iconic singer went for a ride on the New York Subway and decided to put on a free show, singing her heart out to 'Home' from 'The Wiz.'

There was only one problem - literally no one on the carriage could care less. 

While Brandy showed off her famous vocals, passengers failed to show her even the slightest bit of attention. 

"What y'all thought of that?” she asked the carriage once finished singing. "Y'all thought that was cool? Hello? Nobody heard me singing? Nobody cares?"

When Brandy specifically asked the man stood next to her for his opinion, he told her she "was too into herself," singing to the camera rather than to the people. "We've seen this a million times, you've got to do something different," he added. 

Watch what happened above.