You Won't Believe How Talented This Two-Year-Old DJ Is

19 February 2015, 12:35

DJ Arch Jnr on it again.


He's going to be a superstar.

Most two-year-olds are still trying to master life's basic skills, like walking, talking and weeing in a bathroom. Developing skills that will help them on their career path later in life is not really a priority, but it's a whole other story for this two-year-old.

South African toddler 'DJ Arch Jnr' isn't like most two-year-olds. The talented young prodigy has totally mastered his skill of DJing early in life. 

Videos showing the toddler DJ enjoying his craft have gone viral online, receiving thousands of views in a matter of days. 

"He just loves music, he feels the music" his YouTube channel reads. 

Check out DJ Arch Jnr in action above.