Watch Stormzy Talk New Single 'Know Me From', Retweets And His Mum

11 March 2015, 15:42 | Updated: 6 August 2015, 12:41

It's a big week.

Stormzy dropped by Capital XTRA to chat with Manny Norte on The Norté Show this week and, as you'd expect, they covered all the big stories, including his massive new single 'Know Me From'.

Speaking on the last few weeks and his latest release, Stormzy said: "It's been good, but we'll find out next week just how good!"

Prior to revealing the new video for 'Know Me From', Stormzy requested 1000 retweets from his followers - and the rapper revealed that he was a bit nervous about the task.

Before playing the track, Manny needed to shout out Stormzy's mum, who makes a cameo in his latest video. "My mum's a G," Stormzy said. "She's getting saluted on the roads - she loving it."

You can watch the full interview above. 'Know Me From' is out now.