Exclusive: Pia Mia Says She's "Never Had A One Night Stand," 'Do It Again' Isn't About Her

9 September 2015, 13:08

Pia Mia tells Manny Norte that some lyrics in 'Do It Again' aren't literal.

Pia Mia may sing about one night stands on her new single 'Do It Again' featuring Chris Brown and Tyga, but she revealed to Manny Norte that people shouldn't take that lyrics too literally, as she's never actually had one.

The chorus on her hit track hears her sing; "It was nice to, nice to know you, Lets do it again/How we did it on a one night stand".

"That specific line of the record isn't literal for me as I've never had a one night stand, if we're going to be real," Pia told Manny in an exclusive interview on Capital XTRA.

The singer also revealed how her collaboration with Chris Brown and Tyga came together by chance thanks to her boyfriend, producer Nic Nac. 

Watch Pia explain what happened above. 

Pia Mia's debut track 'Do It Again' featuring Chris Brown and Tyga is out now.

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