P Diddy Announces Name Change Back To Puff Daddy In New Single 'Big Homie' Teaser

25 March 2014, 10:30

We can't keep up.

Did someone turn back time? P Diddy has apparently changed his name back to Puff Daddy. 

The rapper chose to make the announcement in a teaser trailer for his new single 'Big Homie,' featuring Rick Ross and French Montana. Each of the contributing artists names appears written clearly in white and against a black background, and for Diddy's (or Puff's now), it says 'Puff Daddy.'

Puff Daddy, real name Sean Combs, has gone by many names int he past, including Puff, Diddy and P Diddy - but has quietly chosen to go full circle back to his original name - or so we thought, in a recent tweet posted on his account Puff Daddy says that he never changed his name, he's always been Puff Daddy.