Exclusive: Mick Jenkins Admits Being Compared To Kano Is “Very Dope”

Mick tells Manny Norte about one of his songs being compared to Kano’s Grime classic ‘Ps & Qs’.

Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins has revealed that his song ‘Ps & Qs’ is frequently compared to Kano’s 2004 track of the same name.

“So many people were [comparing the songs], I was like what is this? So I went and checked it out,” he told Manny in an exclusive interview for Capital XTRA.

After being told about how influential Kano’s version has been to UK urban culture, he decided to find out more about the UK MC.

“Very dope. I took it a step further with the Ps and Qs alliteration but they are definitely both very ill tracks in their own right.”

Hit play above to find out more about Mick Jenkins, including his musical influences, growing up in Chicago and his impressive ‘Wave[s]’ EP. 

Listen to both versions of 'P's & Q's' below… 

Mick Jenkins - P's & Q's'

Kano - 'P's and Q's'