JME Keeps Trading Album Copies For Pokémon Cards And It's Hilarious

14 July 2015, 15:57

jme pokemon

Not just any card though.

Boy Better Know co-founder JME is trading copies of his new album for a Pokémon card.

Not just any card though, only the prized shiny charizard. If you're willing to part with the much-demanded rare card, then the grime MC might be willing to swap it for a vinyl of 'Integrity>'. 

True to his word, he's tweeted a few photos of the trades he's made so far with fans.

He's not accepting any imitations though, even if they are super rare.

It really does have to be a shiny charizard.


And it can't look like your dog's tried to eat it, mint condition only.

He's even willing to travel for a perfect specimen.

There is one alternative that might interest him, though.

Why he is collecting all these Pokémon cards, you ask? Well...

JME released 'Integrity>' in May. See photos of him performing together with BBK at Wireless earlier this month.