Jamie Foxx Singing Unsexy Words Sexily Is Amazing

26 April 2014, 08:45

Watch what happened when the actor-rapper dropped by Jimmy Fallon's chat show.

We all know Jamie Foxx is probably quite a sensual guy, which is no doubt why Jimmy Fallon tasked the actor-rapper with singing unsexy words in a sexy way when he stopped by The Tonight Show.

As you might expect, Foxx - armed only with a piano - took the epic challenge on valiantly, singing words like "deodorant", "floss" and "clammy" with some real soul.

Earlier this week, Jamie dropped into Kojo & Jade's show on XTRA In The Morning and we couldn't resist asking him to deliver an impression of one of his best friends, Kanye West.

If you haven't heard what happened, you can watch above now and don't forget to check out the full Jamie Foxx interview.