Asher Roth Talks Image, 'Retrohash' And Plays Swerve on Capital XTRA

12 May 2014, 12:29

Asher Roth

Re-live the highlights from Max's interview with Asher Roth on The Weekend Sessions.

With the recent release of his 'Retrohash' LP (his first studio LP in five years) 'I Love College' rapper Asher Roth dropped by the Capital XTRA studios to catch up with Max on her Weekend Sessions. 

The US artist talks about his new image, the love that his fans have for hit single 'I Love College' and discussed what can be expected from his new LP, including the meaning behind feel-good song 'Fast Life.' Plus, don't miss Asher and Max's brilliant game of serve.

Catch up on all the highlights below.

1. Asher Roth talks about his new image and hit song 'I Love College.' 

2. Asher discusses what it's like performing at live shows. 

3. Asher talks about his new LP 'Retrohash' and making the music he wants to make.

4. Asher discusses the meaning behind his new single 'Fast Life.'

5. Re-live Asher's hilarious game of 'Swerve' with Max. 

You can catch Max every Saturday from 4pm on The Weekend Sessions.