Trey Songz - 'Smartphones' (Official Video)

11 May 2014, 11:59

R&B superstar tackles a series of big issues in the video for his new single.

Trey Songz has unveiled the video for his new song 'Smartphones' via a new mobile phone app. 

The video for the latest single of Trey's forthcoming album 'Trigga' tackles a series of big issues after the singer gets caught cheating on his girlfriend when he accidentally calls her while out with three other women.

"These phones are so smart in all that they do, that it's like they're an extension of our brain, but what they can't do is always prevent human error and human nature," Trey Songz told Mashable about the video. 

"The mistakes that we as humans make, the relationships that we make and we break, no amount of technology can save."

You can watch the video above. (Warning: this video contains strong language and themes that some people may find offensive.)