Trey Songz Says Meek Mill Didn't Steal Nicki Minaj From Her Ex-Boyfriend

7 April 2015, 10:56 | Updated: 7 April 2015, 14:33

Exclusive: Watch highlights from Trey Songz on The Norté Show.

Whilst visiting the UK to support Nicki Minaj on her 'The Pinkprint Tour' Trey Songz stopped by The Norté Show to catch up with Manny Norté on everything thats been going on in his life in the last few months.

The 'Smartphones' singer touched on what happened when Meek Mill joined Nicki Minaj on stage during her Paris show, before posting some cosy photos of the two of them backstage. 

On whether Meek stole Nicki from her former boyfriend, Trey said; "Meek was in jail, he came out to that!" 

Watch Trey Songz comment on receiving no Grammy nominations this year:

Earlier this year Trey was snubbed at the Grammy Awards, failing to receive any nominations in spite of having a successful year in the charts. 

"You don't do that music for that," Trey said, although admitting he is disappointed. "I just don't understand the process in which people are chosen. Like you said, when you have an incredible run back to back to back to back hits, number one, number one, number one - you expect something."

Trey Songz on the "groupies" that joined him and Chris Brown on their 'Between The Sheets' tour"

Hear Manny Norté's exclusive Trey Songz mix:


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