Snoop Dogg - 'I'll Be There 4U' (Official Video)

16 January 2014, 12:12

Catch the new video from 'Snoopzilla' plus read why the hip hop star decided to make a funk album.

Following the release of his '7 Days Of Funk' album back in December, Snoop Dogg, or should we say 'Snoopzilla, has released the video for his latest release off the album 'I'll Be There 4u'.

The four-minute video was shot and directed by Dah Dah Baker back in November 2013 after the MTV EMA's in Amsterdam.

It opens with a lady in lingerie switching her TV over to a Snoop Dogg interview, in which the rapper says: "During these seven days we're gonna be funky all the way, we're gonna funk will we can't funk no more".

In a recent interview with Snoop talked about his decision to make a funk album:

"You know, those types of projects help me to do what I want to do, not that I ever had to check with anybody, but I've always wanted to give the fans what they want from me and I stay in tune with them"

He also revealed his joy at working with producer Sam-Funk: "That's all this project ['7 Days Of Funk'] is about. Me going back to my funk roots, with somebody who understands funk, that knows how to produce, and that produced me from top to bottom. Every song on the record produced Dam-Funk.”

Watch the full video for 'I'll Be There 4u' above.