Rick Ross - 'Bound 2 Freestyle' (Official Video)

17 January 2014, 10:43

Watch Rick Ross head to the fun fair on his take of Kanye West's 'Bound 2'.

Rick Ross has traded in motorbikes and mountains for a Rolls Royce and funfair in his own 'Bound 2' video for the freestyle he dropped earlier this month - and there's no Kim Kardashian in sight either. 

As Da Boss chills in front of the ferris wheel, he raps over Kanye's hit instrumental, revealing; "Got a thing for Khloe, Lamar lost his feet". 

Earlier this week Ross finally revealed that his forthcoming album 'Mastermind,' will drop on March 4th, following a major push back from from the original date of December 17th.

Watch the full video for 'Bound 2 Freestyle' above.

(Warning: This video contains language that some people may find offensive).