Exclusive: Naughty Boy Talks US Artists “Capitalising” On Skepta And UK Artists

Naughty Boy talks to CapitalXTRA.com about his opinions on UK music.

Naughty Boy tells CapitalXTRA.com about his concerns with US/UK collaborations.

Following the success of his surprise new single ‘Runnin’ (Lose It All)' featuring Beyonce, Naughty Boy has revealed he has concerns about some US/UK collaborations.

The producer said that also he is excited about the growing success of UK music around the world, he doesn’t want big US artists to take advantage of UK artists.

“Sometimes US artists capitalise on us for the sake of something cool and I hope it’s not that,” said Naughty Boy in an exclusive interview with CapitalXTRA.com. 

Watch the interview above.

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