Naughty Boy: "Beyonce Is As Passionate About Music As She's Ever Been"

Naughty Boy tells about his experience of working with Beyonce.

Naughty Boy shocked the world when he released his surprise new single ‘Runnin’ (Lose It All)’ featuring Beyonce and Arrow Benjamin.

However despite working with such a big name, the producer revealed that he wanted to make sure the track remained consistent with his catalogue of music.

“As it was my single I just wanted to make sure it had an emotional sentiment,” said Naughty Boy in an exclusive interview with 

“I think people are really reacting to this song in their own ways... people are reacting to what's pure about music,” he added.

"Beyonce is very spiritual and we connected over a number of things... she's is just as passionate about music as she's ever been."

Watch the interview above.

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