Meek Mill fans convinced he had coronavirus after rapper claims he was ‘extremely sick' last year

25 March 2020, 13:49

Meek Mill claims he was 'extremely sick' last year December
Meek Mill claims he was 'extremely sick' last year December. Picture: Getty/Twitter

Rapper Meek Mill has reflected on when he was ill last year, which lead fans to believe he had contracted coronavirus early.

Meek Mill recently took to Twitter where he alluded that he may have contracted coronavirus last year.

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The 32-year-old rapper is not the first to explore the conspiracy theory that coronavirus has been around for a while, before it was publicly known as the Covid-19 disease.

There has been growing concerns, with many people are reflecting on their past illnesses in fear that they might have had the virus and been misdiagnosed.

On Tuesday, Meek Mill took to Twitter to reflect on a time where he was extremely sick.

"I was extremely sick in December around christmas time with flu like symptoms," Meek tweeted.

The "Believe It" rapper continued "everyday I said to myself  a older person cannot survive this! I lost like 15 pounds and could barely move! I never been that sick."

Meek added "a doctor never told me what it was." Many fans believed Meek was hinting at possibly having coronavirus or suggesting that may have been the illness he had.

One fan wrote "and our military went there" with a screenshot of the military world games.

Meek Mill's twitter was filled with fans who has similar experiences with having symptoms of coronavirus, but not being diagnosed with coronavirus.

One fan wrote "I’m January I had the same symptoms as COVID19 and had a chest X-ray. Negative tests for strep and the flu."

"They told me it was bronchitis but my symptoms pointed to the flu. Had a fever 103 for a few days, coughing, fatigue aches and pains They wasn’t telling us then it was rona" said the fan on Twitter.

Styles P is another rapper who claimed that he had "the Rona" in January before the pandemic broke out in America.

The 45-year-old rapper told his followers on Twitter that he "almost died" from an illness he suspects was coronavirus.

Styles took to Twitter and wrote "I almost died in January . And I never get the flu and if I do it’s a day or two."

"In January I was down for a week and lost about 8 pounds !! I had the rona !! It had to be the Rona !!!!" Styles said.

In Meek Mill's case, his symptoms were not as severe, however it does not mean that he did not have the coronavirus.

See other fans reactions to Meek Mill's tweet below.

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