Man Raps His Entire McDonalds Order, Gets Noticed By Lil' Wayne

11 May 2015, 09:36

How To Order Mcdonald's Like A Boss!


This is going viral in a big way.

A video of a man rapping his entire order - and it's a long one - at McDonald's has gone viral. 

The video, which was picked up and shared by Lil' Wayne shows an aspiring rapper who goes by the name Hi-Rez walk into a New York branch of McDonalds and reel off his extensive order, rapping the whole thing as McDonalds staff gather to watch what's going on.

"Drop the beat... Not the fries!" Lil Wayne joked as he share the clip, which has had over 3 million views.

"Let me get two Big Macs, two apple pies / a little bit of Sprite and side of fries," he rhymes in the clip. "Let me get a McDouble, let me get a McChicken / Hot sauce, make sure that sh*t kickin."

Finally, Hi-Rex finishes his performance by asking the poor man taking his order; "Did you get all that?"

Watch the brilliant clip above.